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Ultraviolet + ozone, 360° full sterilization

It has multiple functions such as sterilization, disinfection, mite removal, deodorization, and formaldehyde removal, creating a more worry-free and healthy home environment.

UVC ultraviolet efficient sterilization

UVC (200-280nm) short-wave ultraviolet light, within the absorption range of microorganisms, can penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganisms, especially the 253.7nm wavelength used in this product, which can be killed by destroying the DNA structure of microorganisms in a short time Viruses and bacteria.

Ozone completely purifies the air

Ozone can not only sterilize and disinfect, but also remove formaldehyde and odor, and because the gas will diffuse, it can achieve all-round, rapid and efficient sterilization and disinfection.

A-type appearance structure is exquisite and stable

The A-type plastic body is made of ABS plastic material, which is exquisite and stable, resistant to high temperatures, and more durable.

Quartz glass tube, high UV transmittance, longer life

Two switching methods

At the same time, it has two switch modes, remote control and power line control, and the choice is more free.

Wireless remote control, open the partition

The wireless remote control switch is far away from the disinfection lamp and can be activated on the partition wall, and the maximum distance can reach 12m. It effectively avoids the exposure of ultraviolet rays to the human body, making it safer and more portable to use.

Three gear timing function

The remote control switch has three time options (30min/60min/120min), and the corresponding disinfection time can be selected according to the indoor disinfection area.

10 seconds delay function

When using the power line control switch, after pressing the switch, it will delay 10 seconds before starting to light up, making the operation application safer.

Suitable for various places

Study room/bedroom 30min applicable area is about 20m²; living room/large bedroom 60min applicable area is about 40m²; office/classroom 120min applicable area is about 60m².

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1. This product is for indoor use only, avoid moisture and vibration.

2.It is strictly forbidden to cover the lamp tube with objects during use.

3.Do not use detergent to clean this product, you can wipe the body with a soft dry cloth.

4. Prolonged inhalation of ozone will destroy the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, please do not use it with people, animals or plants.

5. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the skin and eyes, please do not look directly.

6. When performing close-range sterilization of underwear, towels and other items, the sterilization time should not exceed 15 minutes.

7. When disinfecting the pet house, please take away the pet and make sure that it will not touch the disinfection lamp and cause damage.

8. If there are calligraphy and painting collections or plants in the disinfection space, please use cloth to cover or move out of the room during disinfection.

9. If there is a small amount of deposited white particles in the lamp, it is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use.

10. Doors and windows must be closed during sterilization. After the sterilization is completed, please wait 30 minutes before entering the room and opening the windows for ventilation, and then enter the room after 30-45 minutes of ventilation.

11.Frequency of use: It is recommended to use it once or twice a week for about 30 minutes each time.


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