THERMOPRO HAND Instant Reader Thermometer with Thermocouple Sensor

  • [Ultra fast thermocouple sensor]: Enables instant read food thermometer to get full reading in just 2-3 seconds with an accuracy of 0.9 °F; Put an end to overdone, undercooked food and Cook Like a Pro
  • [Anti-fog auto rotating backlit LCD screen]: Grilling thermometer provide clear readouts, day or night; With the auto-rotating LCD, view from any angle and use either hand with ease
  • [Intelligent motion-sensing sleep and wake mode]: Intuitively turns on and off by the probe opens or closes; Instantly wakes when picked up and sleeps when set down to save battery power; Provide simple and intuitive user experience
  • [Waterproof to IP65]: After use, quickly clean your kitchen thermometer under running water with no worries; Anti-slip grip & durable body prevents and withstands all kitchen accidents
  • [Lock and calibration]: Hold temperature readings and stop dangerously peering or leaning over cooking appliances; Always be accurate by calibrating your BBQ thermometer probe

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