The Bastard Tongs Deluxe


These handy Tongs Deluxe from The Bastard will grab or turn any piece of meat, fish or vegetables. The tongs feature a silicone handle, which provides plenty of grip for your hands. The round opening at the end of the tongs makes it easy to hang up anywhere!


The Bastard has used stainless steel. This makes the barbecue tongs easy to clean and ensures a long life. The deluxe tongs are also dishwasher safe.

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The Bastard Tongs Deluxe in brief:

–  Stainless steel BBQ Tongs
–  Extra grip with silicone handle
–  Turn or grab your piece of meat, fish or vegetable in an instant
–  Original product from the range of The Bastard

Brand The Bastard
Model Tongs Deluxe
Article number BB409
Color Stainless steel
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 500 gram


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