The Bastard cast iron pan with removable handle and wooden trivet

With the cast iron pan from The Bastard, you can now also give small and delicate grilled food a full load of roasted aromas . Shrimp, bacon, eggs or omelettes are particularly aromatic on the Sizzling Plate, because cast-iron BBQ dishes have excellent heat conduction and heat retention .

You can serve your delicious grilled ingredients directly at the table on the elegant bamboo coaster – it not only looks good, it also stays hot for a long time. The convenient cast iron handle is detachable and quickly removed when you need space on the grill or dining table.

The Bastard grill pan is extremely robust and durable and perfect for aromatic grilled dishes full of roasted aromas . It forms a natural protective layer during use: this patina protects the ingredients from sticking and the cast iron pan from corrosion.

With its dimensions, the Sizzling Plate fits perfectly on the Compact and Medium ceramic grill models from The Bastard, but can also be used universally on any ceramic grill, gas grill, charcoal grill or even in the oven.

  • Perfect heat properties for aromatic grilled dishes
  • Removable cast iron handle
  • Practical coaster made of robust bamboo wood
  • With a size of 28 x 21 cm ideal for The Bastard Compact and Medium ceramic grills
  • Do not use any fat-dissolving cleaning agents, water and ring cleaner or dish brush are sufficient
  • After drying, grease lightly with cooking oil
  • Pre-seasoned: Pre-treated and ready to use.

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