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With The Bastard cast iron wok, you can easily prepare delicious wok dishes on your ceramic grill. With a diameter of 36 cm, the wok fits perfectly in The Bastard Large and XL ceramic grill.

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The Bastard cast iron wok for quick wok dishes

  • high heat resistance, very good heat conductivity and even heat distribution thanks to cast iron
  • flat bottom for a secure stand
  • 2 handles for optimal handling
  • Suitable for The Bastard ceramic grills in sizes Large and XL

The first-class heat properties of the cast iron are ideal for searing meat, vegetables and much more, as well as for preparing meat and vegetable pans. Due to the excellent heat conductivity, the material heats up within a short time and offers a particularly even heat distribution . In addition, cast iron easily withstands very high temperatures in the ceramic grill.

The flattened base of The Bastard cast iron wok ensures a firm stand on the grill grate and at the same time allows the wok to be used with a gas cooker or a normal stovetop. The wok can be safely lifted using the two handles.

Caring for The Bastard cast iron loaf pan properly

With the right care, the robust cast iron wok will last almost a lifetime. The cast iron is already pre-treated and does not necessarily have to be seasoned before it is used for the first time. During use, an additional greasy patina forms, which protects the material from moisture and thus from rust and at the same time prevents the food from sticking.

To avoid damaging the protective patina , you should not use stainless steel grilling or cooking utensils in the wok. For example, use wooden spoons or silicone cutlery.

Do not use any fat-dissolving cleaning agents for cleaning . The wok can be cleaned very well with a wooden scraper, ring cleaner and a dry, lint-free cloth. A soft dish brush and some water can also be used for cleaning. After that, however, it must be dried well, oiled and stored in a dry place.

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1x The Bastard cast iron wok Ø 36 cm


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