The Carbon steel wok is perfect for stir-frying meat, seafood or vegetables. High quality professional carbon steel ensures fast and complete heating of the entire wok. Suitable for the Large and XL models.

  • Diameter incl. handles: 46cm
  • Diameter excluding handles: 40cm
  • Height incl. handle: 16.5 cm
  • Height excluding handle: 10.5 cm

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Some sheet steel accessories, such as the Carbon Steel Wok, need some extra attention, so that you can enjoy them for an extra long time! 

You must burn it in before using it. You do that like this: 

  • First rinse the pan with hot water and then dry it thoroughly.
  • Put some oil in the pan, enough to cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of oil. 
  • Heat the pan until the oil starts to smoke
  • Roll the pan a little so that the oil spreads over the steel. Tip: be very careful, you don’t want the hot oil to get all over your hands!
  • Discard the oil and wipe the pan dry with a paper towel.

The pan is now ready for use. To prevent rust, repeat this process from time to time to maintain the steel. 

Note: The more often you use the pan, the better the non-stick coating becomes. You can see this clearly by looking at the color of the pan. The darker the pan, the better the non-stick coating.

Do you use the Bastard less often in the winter? Then we have a few tips:

  • Remove all charcoal and food scraps from your kamado.
  • Fully open the lower air slide and the top cap/daisy disc. This prevents mold and unpleasant odors. 
  • Place a moisture absorber in the kamado.
  • Spray all steel parts such as the bolts, nuts, wheels and springs with WD-40 to prevent rust. 
  • Treat the cast iron top cap with vegetable edible oil (note: no olive oil) or with our Cast Iron Care spray . This prevents rust formation. Repeat this every few months (also in other seasons). If you do not use your kamado for a longer period of time, you can also remove the top cap / daisy wheel and store it in a dry place. Make sure that your kamado is covered with a rain cover, otherwise water can get into your kamado.
  • Remove the bamboo tables and store them dry. It is best to put the handle and the tables in the wood oil or paint them so that they remain well protected. You should treat them with a water-based epoxy paint, a synthetic resin or a wood oil that is suitable for bamboo.
  • Preferably place your kamado indoors and/or in a sheltered place where it cannot blow over.
  • If your Bastard cannot go inside, protect it with a rain cover. The rain cover ensures that your kamado is protected against wind and weather. However, due to the sealing effect of the rain cover in combination with possible condensation due to rising damp, there is a risk of mold forming in or on the kamado. In particular, this condensation can cause prints, stains and/or mold on the bamboo parts of your kamado. That is why we recommend that you remove the side tables from your kamado before the kamado is (long-term) covered by the rain cover. We also recommend airing the kamado every now and then by removing the cover for a while when the weather is nice. This way your kamado will stay beautiful for as long as possible.
  • You can remove the mold or deposit on the outside by wiping the Bastard with soapy water, to which you add a small dash of bleach or mild detergent. Then wipe it well with a clean cloth and enough water so that you also properly remove the (bleach) soap.

Please note: In winter the temperature differences are large. To prevent cracking and/or cracking of the parts made of ceramic, it is best to let the temperature rise as slowly as possible. Light the kamado in only one place. Start the session with by setting the top and bottom vent to a small opening. You can slowly open this slightly further, so that the temperature rises. So be patient, but it will certainly be rewarded. Your winter meal will taste all the better! 

After the winter, your BBQ could use some extra attention. With the following tips, you can ensure that your BBQ is ready for a great summer season.

  • Remove old charcoal residues.
  • Half fill the coal basket with coal. Do you have a coal basket with a partition? Then remove it.
  • Light the Bastard in only 1 place. When you light in several places, the temperature rises faster and you want to prevent that. Tip: use a plate setter, then the temperature rises less quickly and you can also regulate the temperature better.
  • Let the temperature rise as slowly as possible. This prevents (possible) cracking and/or cracking of the ceramic. At this step, open the air slide in your base completely and open the daisy wheel to just a small crack. As soon as your dome thermometer reads 100 degrees, you know your kamado is burning well. Has your BBQ reached 100 degrees? Then slide the air slide in the base closed again until it is only a quarter open.
  • Try not to let the temperature rise above 150 degrees for 3 hours. You will see that the “winter moisture” will pull out of the kamado. Tip: also use your plate setter. This makes it easier to prevent the temperature from rising (too) quickly.
  • After 3 hours, remove the top cap for more air supply.
  • Let your charcoal burn completely.
  • Did mold form in the inside of your kamado during the winter? This will also disappear during summer preparation.
  • Has mold developed on the outside? You can remove this by wiping your kamado with soapy water, in which you add a small dash of bleach or mild detergent. Then wipe it well with a clean cloth and enough water so that you properly remove the (bleach) soap. 
  • We recommend that you oil or paint the handle and the side tables. You should treat them with a water-based epoxy lacquer, a synthetic resin or a wood oil that is suitable for bamboo.

After this process, the Bastard is ready for the start and a top BBQ season! 



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