The Bastard BBQ Brush


Washing down your precious cast iron grill grate is really not the way to go. Real chefs heat up their Bastard properly, place the grid above the hot fire and brush with a wire brush. Of course with the original BBQ Brush from The Bastard.


The Bastard BBQ Brush features a convenient handle and an extra-long handle, allowing you to work safely. The BBQ brush has a steel brush head, by heating the barbecue hot, it is easy to brush off the clinging dirt. Be sure to treat the cast iron grid properly! You can clean the brush with warm water and detergent.


The Bastard BBQ Brush in brief:

–  Steel barbecue brush
–  Extra long handle
–  Scrub away excess dirt easily
–  Original product from the range of The Basta

Original price was: €30.80.Current price is: €28.00.

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Brand The Bastard
Model BBQ Brush
Article number BB113
Color Black
Material Plastic
Dimensions L 51 x W 13 x H 7 cm
Weight 470 gram


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