Char-Broil Under BBQ Grilling Mat

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Clean barbecue fun with the Char‑Broil barbecue mat
When the barbecue gets hot, the Char‑Broil barbecue mat provides the best protection. The irritation of oil and grease spills is eliminated with this barbecue accessory. Position the resilient PVC barbecue protective mat simply under your barbecue so that, even if the juices spray out of the barbecue, your balcony or patio stays clean. The black barbecue protection mat with ridged surface provides excellent grip, can be rolled up and is easy to clean. Vacuum, brush, wipe with a damp cloth: all the cleaning options are available. Thanks to the sunken edges, water runs off easily for convenient, clean barbecue pleasure. Keep everything clean and tidy, no matter how many friends you have round!

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