The robust grill is of particularly high quality and thus designed for high loads for many years. Thanks to the welded pipe construction, this robust grill trolley with mounted side tables ensures a stable working surface. In addition, it has all the features that are appreciated by the experienced outdoor chef: Three individually adjustable burners in each of their separate combustion chambers, adjustable heating grate and electronic push-button ignition. The Platinum series is equipped with the innovative TRU-Infrared grill system, which prevents ignition and provides a uniform heat distribution, which ensures perfect grill results and up to 50% juicier barbecue food, all while consuming up to 30% less gas. With 2 burners, the grill is suitable for 2-4 people.


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height (cm) 123
Width (cm) 123.2
Depth (cm) 63.5
Weight (kg) 62.4
Grill surface (cm) 44.5 x 48.5
Grill grate Stainless steel
Burners Stainless steel
Flame retardants Not available
Side table Stainless Steel
Grill system TRU-Infrared ™ (incl. Grill grate + heat distribution plate in stainless steel)
Main burners power (kW) 4.7
Assembly required Yes
Our quality convinces by itself. 10 years on the burner and the enamel of the grill plate. 2 years on all other parts.
Flame retardants in stainless steel
The stainless steel flame retardant protects the burner from dripping grease and helps distribute heat.
Surefire electric ignition
An electric ignition on each burner means you can turn on all your burners with a single touch of a button. No use of matches.
Shake thermometer
Monitor the temperature of the grill grate while grilling.
TRU-Infrared grill system
Experience tasty and juicier food every time. TRU-Infrared delivers even heat, providing faster cooking times and precise cooking control with zero flare ups.
Lockable wheels
Two of the grill’s four wheels can be locked, which ensures that the grill is secure once you have locked the wheels.
Side table
Convenient table for your barbecue accessories. Provides extra work space when grilling.
Bread shelf
Use this removable grate to keep food warm or hot bread.


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