Charcoal Tray for Professional PRO & CORE Grills | Grill Equipment | Extended Functionality
Gas or charcoal? Both! The Char‑Broil® MADE2MATCH Charcoal Tray now makes this decision for you!
It’s now possible for you to heat your Professional PRO or CORE gas grill with charcoal in less than 30 seconds. The MADE2MATCH Charcoal Tray was exclusively designed and optimised for the Professional PRO & CORE lines. Our innovative air flow system ensures the even distribution of heat and longer grilling fun. It’s perfect for long nights spent barbecuing with family and friends. Say goodbye to only having one choice – hybrid grilling is the way of the future. Usable on all 2,- 3- and 4-burner models. This accessory is compatible with: Professional PRO S 2, Professional PRO S 3, Professional PRO S 4, & Professional CORE B 2, Professional CORE B 3, Professional CORE B 4.

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