Here you can find a rotating oven for an elevated production of pizza, without adding more personnel and increase the quality of your product.

The rotating oven is very simple to program it and is adaptable to what ever is your needs.

The control panel is a console programable panel indicates temperature and cooking time with an automatic program.

If you need to use manual function, you can select from the control panel. You can modify the rotation cooking speed while you are using it.

The rotating kiln allows maximum yield with lower consumption during even prolonged work.


Rotating the hob will allow you to have a homogeneous temperature throughout the hob; in this way the pizzas will be cooked evenly.

Thanks to this mechanism, it will no longer be necessary to turn the pizzas once they are baked, but just take them out of the oven as soon as they are cooked (optimizing the work of the pizza chef).

The 6 cm thick lava stone base allows for an accumulation of heat that gradually releases a uniform color onto the pizza. The dome is built with refractory bricks with an insulating coating of ceramic fiber and rock wool.

Built on a reinforced iron base, finished in mosaic with tiles of your choice.

Capacity 7 Pizza

Weight 1800kg

Manual double torch Euro 17000.00 + vat

Digital touch Euro 17900.00 + vat

Original price was: €18,700.00.Current price is: €17,000.00.


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