BIG K Forno Pizza Oven Logs, Pack of 12 18.2KG

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  • Pack of 12 100% natural compressed sawdust heat logs, no binders
  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% sustainably sourced UK timber
  • Extremely low moisture content of under 5%
  • Easy to light and long lasting
  • Easy to store and handle
  • As used by some of the UK’s leading wood burning pizza restaurants

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Big K’s Forno logs are perfectly designed for use in wood fired pizza ovens. They were inspired by the Italian pizza masters, who know a thing or two about how to cook the perfect pizza. Try them today to get the perfect burning fuel for your pizza oven.

The logs are manufactured from compressed hardwood sawdust. The specially designed shape and central hole improve airflow, resulting in a log that burns hotter and longer, creating the ideal environment within your pizza oven for the perfect cook.

As the logs are manufactured from dried saw dust, we can achieve an extremely low moisture content of under 5%, making these the perfect choice for a sustained heat. Get the perfect crust and cook on your next pizza, with Big K’s Forno logs.


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